Have I ever mentioned I love to write? Back in high school it was really bad poetry. Now it’s random short stories, a deeply boring personal journal and lots of emails. My secret dream is to have a book published, but I kind of think everyone has that one tucked away somewhere. I was in deep awe several months back when Carla Carlson had her book published. Everyday Grace is a wonderful read and if you haven’t read it you need to! (If you click the name I’ve put an Amazon like there for you to make it nice and easy!) Here was a real life someone I knew who had written such an amazing book. And it had been published and so well received. She jokingly made the comment shortly after that she may have accidentally created a second career for herself.

While I don’t seem to have the attention span to write an entire book, I can write fun little essays of random, useful information. In other words, a blog.  Blogs are great. You pick a theme and away you go.

Since I am the ‘Dress Diva’, that is my theme. Here you will find information on the current fashion trends in bridal gowns and grad dresses, event planning tips, various rules and suggestions for weddings, some peaks behind the scenes on what it’s like to live in a real-life version of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and occasional snippets of info about me. I am still questioning why you would want to read about the non ‘dress diva’ part of my life but the experts tell me it is required. So, lucky you!

Along with my rambling, I am going to be interviewing some great local vendors about what makes them unique and amazing, and I am super excited that I will finally start the ‘Unforgettable Bride” regular feature I have been wanting to do for years.

If you have any blog topic suggestions, vendor suggestions or questions a ‘dress diva’ can answer for you, please let me know!

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